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Our Mission

To empower survivors of child sexual abuse through a 5 day clinically supervised healing retreat where they will find the support, connection and love needed to catapult their healing journey to experience profound transformation in their lives.


Mission Driven Retail

The way we operate is slightly different from most businesses, and we chose this unique path with intention.


U Grow Girl is a Community Contribution Company (CCC), a hybrid corporation that bridges the gap between for-profit companies and non-profit organizations.


Why did we choose to incorporate as a CCC?

CCC companies are mission-driven and set up to achieve a social impact. As survivors, we are uniquely connected to our cause. 


A CCC helps to eliminate the constant struggle to fundraise. 

Unlike non-profits, Community Contribution Companies aren't solely reliant on donations to operate. By creating a sustainable business model and fiscally committing 60% we can self-fund our cause for years to come. 

Why 60%?

As a CCC we must donate 60% of our profits to our mission. Our mission, help survivors heal by gifting them free attendance at the Time To Heal Retreat.

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Our Community Impact

Our goal is to create an inclusive community for adult female survivors of child sexual abuse centred around healing and empowerment. At U Grow Girl, we empower survivors by gifting them attendance at the Time To Heal Retreat, where we arm them with the tools they need to catapult their healing journey.


We believe that when you heal a woman, you heal a community. We believe that when you heal a survivor, you heal future generations and help to break the cycle of abuse.


1 in 3 women are sexually abused before the age of 18. Given that 79% of survivors never disclose, these numbers are said to be much higher. 

This is what drives us every day. 

Image: Survivors arm in arm reflecting on their time together at the 2023 Time To Heal Retreat.

Community Impact
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Our Environmental Impact

We take our environmental impact seriously. Did you know? Valentine's Day alone, produces some 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from field to florist.

By growing and delivering our fresh flowers within a 100 mile radius we greatly reduce CO2 emissions. 

  • We only use organic, sustainable farming practices.

  • We make our own organic compost tea, and compost.

  • We only buy non GMO and organic seeds from Canadian farms and an employee owned USA company.

  • We never use chemicals or pesticides 

  • We choose female owned, family run companies to source our products, whenever possible we choose businesses in the Okanagan or British Columbia. These companies must follow ethical sustainable practices.

  • We only use eco-friendly packaging

We do all of this and more because we believe we are responsible for the health of our planet and we MUST take action know ensuring we have a healthy thriving planet for generations to come.

We acknowledge we are located on the unceded traditional lands of the Secwépemc Territory/Nation.

Support A Survivor In Her Healing Journey 

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