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Welcome to the U Grow Girl Survivors Vlog. A place for survivors, advocates, clinicians and guest bloggers to come together and share their strength, their courage and their guidance and advice on what it means to live with and to heal from the trauma of child sexual abuse. 

We are always looking to share valuable content with our readers.

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Are you a survivor of child sexual abuse who has never disclosed? If so chances are you have thought about it. My intention with this video series (link in the comments below) is to shed light on what it’s actually like to disclose your abuse and prepare you for what might come during and after your #Metoo moment.

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Hypervigilance Examples - Recovering From Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Today I show you how developing Hypervigilance from my childhood trauma has affected my feeling of safety in the world around me. You will get an inside view of how my struggle with Hpervigilance has affected my adult life.

It's time to stop being ashamed of the behaviors we adopted as children in order to survive.

My hope is that by the end of this video regardless of what survival behavior you struggle with, you will find hope in knowing there is a way through this, change is possible, and it all starts with you today.

With Love & Gratitude, Crystal Wood


5 Senses Technique For Grounding: 2-4-2

Breathing Technique:


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