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U Grow Girl FAQ


Is U Grow Girl a registered Charity or Non Profit?

No, U Grow Girl is incorporated as a Community Contribution Company (CCC).


As a Community Contribution Company, 60% of our profits are dedicated to funding the Time To Heal retreat. 


Our mission is to help women who are survivors of child sexual abuse find their path to healing.  Our commitment to the recovery and healing of CSA survivors is not a marketing angle.  U Grow Girl was created by survivors for survivors, our mission is the core of who we are. 


Why did you choose to incorporate as a (CCC)?

We chose to incorporate as (CCC) because we believe in the power of the people.  To run a self sustainable business model that relies on you the consumer rather than government grants and funding was a selling point for us when making the decision to incorporate this way. 


We created our Healing Blooms division as our chosen revenue model. With your purchase from our healing blooms shop, you can help change the life of a survivor and give the gift of healing. Check out our amazing fresh cut flowers and floral products here: Shop Healing Blooms

Do you take donations? 

With a growing waitlist and U Grow Girl being in its infancy stage of the business we must simultaneously fundraise for the Time To Heal Retreat so we can start hosting them today.  U can make a donation directly to the Time To Heal retreat through our Go Fund Me page. 



What is a Community Contribution Company (CCC)?


A CCC is described as a hybrid corporate model for social enterprise that; “bridges the gap between a for profit business and not-for-profit enterprise” (Canada Business Network, 2015). 


CCC’s must follow a number of BC government rules to ensure the majority of their profits and assets will always be directed toward a social purpose:


-Dividends paid to shareholders are limited to 40 per cent of the CCC’s annual profits


-A CCC must have three directors (instead of one) who must act with a view to the “community purposes”


-CCCs must publish an annual “community contribution report” to the BC government describing the company’s social spending, community activities and dividend payments


-If a CCC is dissolved, a maximum of 40 per cent of its assets may be distributed to shareholders (the remainder must be transferred to a charity or other asset-locked community entity)


-There are guidelines for salaries paid to staff to ensure the annual profit is not diluted in regards to community contributions

(Source: Do Some Good Community Contribution Company Inc)

Time To heal FAQ



You may request to be put on our growing waitlist while we hustle to raise the funds needed to give the gift of healing and have you attend Time To Heal.   Please email us at and please add “waitlist” in the subject line. 


Im a Survivor, Is Time To Heal right for me?

Time To Heal is a 5 day/5 night immersive experience that includes education, somatic release, holistic healing practices, equine assisted therapy, and the connection to a powerful survivor community. We will provide a safe space for you to learn about the effects of childhood trauma, and you will begin to understand the brain science behind the behaviours and patterns of a survivor.  You will be introduced to different healing modalities, so you can find what works for you and begin to build your own path to healing. Though the retreat will be clinically driven and a professional psychologist will be a part of the Time To Heal team, there will be no counselling or therapy sessions, nor will participants be expected to share their story. All activities and classes will be optional but highly encouraged and can be modified for anyone with physical restrictions. 


Time To Heal is not a Crisis intervention or treatment program. Applications will be screened to see if the Time To Heal is a good fit for you at this time.


The retreat is specifically designed to serve woman who despite being survivors are functioning in most areas of their lives.  You may be raising a family, working or contributing to community, but are still deeply effected by the trauma you experienced as a child.  You must be able to abstain from drugs and alcohol without any significant withdrawals. If you are struggling with significant untreated mental health symptoms, active drug and alcohol addiction, or homelessness we recommend you visit our resource page to seek other therapeutic services at this time. 


What is considered Childhood sexual abuse?

Here at U Grow Girl, we consider all forms of sexual abuse including voyeurism, exposure to pornography, and unhealthy sexual exposure to be considered Childhood Sexual Abuse, we do not limit the definition to Contact Abuse only. 

Who qualifies to attend the retreat?  

You must be a female adult who was sexually abused on or before your 18th birthday and you must NOT be in crisis or experiencing significant untreated mental health issues that would make it difficult to live in an environment with other survivors.  


How do I apply?  

Because we are currently in the fundraising stage for our pilot retreat we are not taking applications at this time.  You can however email to add your name to our growing waitlist.  Once funding has been secured we will reach out to you to begin the application process. Please include “Waitlist” in the subject line of your email.


How much does the retreat cost? 

We believe all survivors deserve the GIFT of healing, so all Survivors will attend Time To Heal at no charge.  All accommodations, food, beverages and services are covered, you just need to get to us and we will do the rest.


Where is the retreat located?  

The retreat is located in a beautiful private location just outside of Vernon, BC Canada. 

Can I attend Time To Heal with a family member or friend? 

No, we asks that family members, friends, coworkers, etc. of participants do not schedule their retreat together.  Though the support of loved ones is necessary on your path to healing, we believe it is best to begin this very personal journey free of outside influences from your loved ones and your regular daily life.


Is the retreat Confidential?

Yes.  U Grow Girl will never share your personal information with anyone outside of the organization, its directors, officers, agents, employees, or volunteers without your prior consent. All information gathered from the participant will be kept strictly confidential. 


How does the retreat help?

The goal of the retreat is assist survivors in finding their own personal path to healing.  With education and the understanding of the science behind the trauma of childhood sexual abuse; we empower Survivors to let go of the guilt and shame often associated with the not only the abuse, but the behaviours and patterns that came after. Participants will then be introduced to different healing modalities such as ancient holistic healing practices, somatic release techniques and equine assisted therapy to further their opportunities to find avenues of healing.  


A 12 Week Online Support Community: will be offered to participants after leaving Time To Heal so they can meet with their group and Team Leader from the retreat to discuss and support each other while integrating everything they learned at the retreat into their daily lives.


Time To Heal is modelled after The Haven Retreat for female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse located in both Utah, and Georgia.  An independent study of 2018 Haven retreat participants found that on average they experienced a 23% reduction in PTSD symptoms, felt more confident in coping with their trauma and reported a 21% improvement in their overall well-being during the year following their attendance. 


What do I need to bring to the retreat?  An open mind and an open heart.  You will be given a more detailed list of supplies and clothing you should bring with you just prior to attending Time To Heal.


Can I nominate someone else to attend the retreat?  No.  Only a survivors knows when they are ready and when it is time to start the healing process.  They may be fearful or have anxiety or trepidation about taking the first step.  It is imperative it be the personal decision and desire of a Survivor to attend Time To Heal, and all applications will remain confidential.  


Will there be therapy at the retreat?  Though Time To Heal will be clinically driven with professional psychologists who specialize in the field, there will be no traditional talk therapy during the retreat.  Instead the focus of the retreat will be intruding you to different healing modalities and educating you on the tools and services you can use to manage the impact of childhood trauma.


Will I be sharing a room?

Yes, you will be sharing a room with one other survivor.  We have gone to every effort to secure a location with lots of room for privacy and multiple bathrooms near the sleeping quarters. 


Will meals be provided at the retreat?

Yes.  The menu is served in a buffet-style so you  are empowered to  choose what you  would like to  eat. Although not guaranteed, we do our best to accommodate allergies  and  dietary restrictions.


Will there be cell phone service or wifi?

Though the location does allow for Cell Phone service and wifi, we will ask that you completely disconnect from those services for the duration of your stay.  We will have time everyday during the retreat for you to connect with your loved ones back home, but we request that your sole focus at the retreat be your own healing journey so disconnecting from wifi and the outside world is a important part of the process. 


Can I bring my emotional support animal?

No.  At this time the location we have secured does not allow emotional support animals.  Please contact us for further information if you need to be accompanied by a service animal.


Are you associated with any religion?

No.  U Grow Girl hosts free, secular, educational retreats. It is not a religious organization.


Will I be expected to share my story?

No. You will never be asked to share your story, however some participants might choose to with their fellow survivors, the choice will be yours. 


When is the retreat?  We are currently fundraising with the goal to host our first retreat in the spring of 2021.


My child has been abused, do you have support for minors?

No.  Time To Heal is specifically for adult females who suffered sexual abuse as children.  Please contact little warriors for support.  They are an amazing organization that hosts a recovery centre for children who have survived sexual abuse.


Do you offer a retreat for Male Survivors? 

No.  At this time the retreat is focused on and caters to female survivors only. Though we recognize abuse happens to both men and woman, we are unable to provide services for Men at this time. 

We strongly believe that all Survivors of CSA, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or political affiliation need Time To Heal. In the future we hope to provide services to all survivors of CSA.


Can I donate?

Yes! And thank your for considering a donation.  All donations can be made on our Go Fund Me campaign.

Shipping & Returns

We ship across Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and more. We charge one flat rate for shipping and we offer free farm pick up and free pick up at the seasonal Farmers Market in Salmon Arm, BC. 

We do not currently ship our seasonal fresh flowers. We do ship dried flowers and anything else you see on our website. 

Please reach out to us at for any questions, concerns, breakages and returns. 

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