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U Grow Girl is a family-run flower farm located in Salmon Arm, BC that is dedicated to providing beautiful, locally grown flowers to the community. Our farm grows seasonal flowers with a purpose - to support women who have survived child sexual abuse. With every bouquet you receive, you help provide a path toward healing and empowerment for survivors across North America.

U Grow Girl is a beacon of hope for women who survived child sexual abuse. Through "Time To Heal", our clinically supervised retreat, we provide the education, connection, and support needed so these warriors can experience a profound change in their lives. Our sustainable, locally grown floral and healing-inspired artisan goods serve as a means to cover the cost of the retreat so survivors attend free of charge.


By purchasing from us, you become a part of a bigger mission, the mission to help survivors heal and reclaim their power, your purchase is a symbol of hope and support, a small act of kindness that can have a profound impact on a survivor's life.

1 in 3 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18. Our goal is to create an inclusive community for adult female survivors of child sexual abuse centred around healing and empowerment.

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