U Glow Girl Floral Salt Soak 

635ml Reusable Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid


We NEVER use anti clumping agents, frangrance or chemicals, we only use 100% essential oils and the absolute best salts we can find. 


Are you a Glow-Getter?


Glow Getter (noun) A driven, busy woman who strives to achieve her goals while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.


With soothing properties to help you relax, ease your sore muscles and get a good nights rest so you can GLOW all day long. 


Scented with rose water and cucumber melon essential oils.


You will emerge with softer, more hydrated skin, a relaxed nervous system, and a beautiful glow.


Handcrafted In Small Batches


Ingredients: Pink Himalyan salts, Epsom salts, rose water, cucumber melon essential oils, dried Dhalia and Zinnia petals, all grown and hand-blended on our farm in Salmon Arm, BC.

U Glow Girl Floral Salt Soak


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